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Grocery Distribution

Groceries like rice, lentils, vegetables and oil are daily cooking essentials. In many of the backward regions in the State of Telangana, we noticed that people cannot afford to purchase groceries as they do not have access to shops and vendors.
Especially in the lockdown period and cyclone affected time, we noticed that they look for a lot of help and they do not receive in time.
We notice that in the months of July and August, at the time of monsoon season, the Telangana region receives a lot of rain and they cause a lot of flooding causing a lot of home damage to the poor people.

Grocery Donation

We prepare ourselves to contribute our best to the poor people and help with grocery distribution.
Having seen their problems, the KBK welfare association has added grocery distribution as one of our main works.
We accumulate vast quantities of rice, wheat flour, lentils, vegetables and oil and with the help of our volunteers, we distribute groceries.
This activity is done regularly as poor communities continue to have difficulties in finding daily wage jobs.
In the year 2020, we visited many regions and performed groceries distribution actively and the locals were very happy.